Our objective is to cost-effectively grow the value of businesses with our proven contract marketing team approach.

We design a unique plan and strategy for each company and provide hands-on staff implementation. Based on input from the stakeholders, history, culture, message, values, and sales, a comprehensive marketing plan is created and implemented, including creative graphic services, sales integration, and KPIs to assess the performance of the plan and business.

Brand Positioning & Alignment

We develop a strategic plan and help implement it for each company. Brand alignment is built on the foundation of our approach and brand strategy. It is essential to communicate story, promise, belief, and trust.

  • Proper brand alignment within your marketplace
  • Engaging customer experience and retention
  • Channel identification
  • Channel optimization

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is critical in creating uncontested market space and clearly identifying market positioning. We work with the stakeholders to develop a strategy canvas identifying the unique values and offerings based on competitive opportunities for maximum market potential.

  • Strategy Canvas (create the foundation for marketing plan)
  • Brand elements incorporated (brand story, positioning statement, etc.)
  • Segment and vertical identification
  • Brand and website development (goal funnel, lead gen, sales system)
  • Message matrix (audience x message) foundation

Brand Message Matrix

The brand matrix is developed from strategy canvas, brand alignment, and message serialization, creating the foundation for the ongoing messaging campaign. We aggregate into the fabric of the marketing campaign and messaging, including; website, online, sales materials, presentations, etc.

  • Marketing campaign using message matrix
  • Social media channel development
  • Weekly email campaign
  • Blog and social media campaigns
  • Analytics feedback
  • Key Performance Dashboard
  • Campaign optimization
  • Ongoing campaign management

Brand Charrette

Brand focus, imaging, and visual identity bring your strategy and matrix to life and provide the working guidelines. We design and implement the brand charrette applying it across all channels, including website, social media, marketing campaigns, sales materials, internal and external communications to ensure engagement, continuity, and authenticity.

  • Logo development and usage guidelines
  • Color palette
  • Type palette
  • Graphic elements
  • Imaging/Photography
  • Icon development

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