Change is Inevitable Progress is Optional

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Change is often discouraged or debated in organizations until there are no other options, and sometimes at great calamity. Tom Neff, my mentor, taught me that organizations must embrace and plan for change by choosing progress instead of letting inevitable change just happen to them. We have seen countless industries migrate through the revolutionary transitions of the last 25 years, and we have also observed others that have refused or fought change at every step.

Organizations and individuals that are paying attention, taking a leadership position and adapting choose to progress through their change paradigm and often succeed in becoming stronger, better companies. There is a great article about General Patreaus and his Adaptive Leadership style. Let’s face it, the military has gone through significant change and if you think they have relied on old style top down management style you are wrong. Give this article a read to learn about a great “soldier, scholar and statesman,” I hope it encourages you to choose progress during this time of change. Read more…