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Elliott Cunningham is a Business and Marketing leader with the ability to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities to drive revenues and superior customer loyalty. He is able to successfully manage multiple, concurrently-running environments, evidenced by a track record of achievements including CMO of the Year from the Nashville Business Journal.

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Conversion Strategies to Establish Relationship

Any viable internet strategy needs to include conversion concepts. Sometimes that might be economic, as in sales. But it can also be non-economic; for instance, you may want to get people to move or migrate to pages, to opt-in to …
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Everyone in Your Company Is in Marketing

Every business does its commerce in some community square, just like the grand old days. It may look and feel different, but the principles and fundamentals are the same. I have worked on projects where the shipping department said “that’s …
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Branding ~ Invest in One of Your Best Assets

Your brand should be the focal point of your marketing effort. Many times the sales and operations efforts will swamp the branding and eventually dilute the best. Starbucks saw this first hand in its efforts to improve efficiency when it …
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U2’s Got Show

This band continues to define who they are and where they are going! In working with Indie Artists and with Live Music Producer Tom Jackson, I am constantly reminded about the power of the show and why we need to …
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Romance and Theater

The original design and intent of your business are important assets for your company. And it’s crucial that you don’t let the growth of your business squeeze out and overwrite your original design! Years ago, Starbucks developers created a coffee …
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Socially Speaking, How is Your Word of Mouth?

I recently spoke at the Brentwood Chamber Tech Strategies group about Social Networking.   It’s interesting to talk to business owners and leaders about this phenom and their reluctance to embrace it.  One attendee contacted me and asked that I speak …
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No More Fish In A Bucket

It used to be that everyone marketed and bought ads on an age-based demographic. When we were coordinating millions of dollars in radio and TV buys, this was the only way to do it, because that is what Arbitron and …
Marketing Conundrum
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Marketing – The Irony and Conundrum

Marketers have allowed themselves to get boxed into being the “promotional Flyer department.” The “touchy-feely” go-to group when it needs to look good. An article from Marketing Week describes how difficult it can be the get CEOs and CFOs to …
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So What Is Your Story?

I have found in working with creative projects and artists that is always best to start with the story. Developing your narrative is one of the most important things you can do, but when I share this with most companies …