Marketing Conundrum

Marketing – The Irony and Conundrum

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Marketers have allowed themselves to get boxed into being the “promotional Flyer department.” The “touchy-feely” go-to group when it needs to look good. An article from Marketing Week describes how difficult it can be the get CEOs and CFOs to buy into a long-term strategy. I have spoken recently with companies that don’t have a marketing department or have disbanded their marketing group altogether. How have the trained professionals that understand branding and the marketplace allowed themselves to be relegated to such a second-tier position?

“Too many people allow marketing to be seen as a subjective exercise.”¬†Samuel Day,

When we as marketers do not create a plan that addresses the immediate and short-term goals while still building the long-term brand, we fail to validate our plans and secure stakeholder buy-in. Building from the foundation of a brand, establishing a path that creates results, and the KPIs that provide forward-leaning indicators are mandatory to success. Otherwise, plans will fail because of a lack of confidence in the marketing plans and implementation. I have found over the years that the parallel implementation of the short-term marketing plan, driving successful goals, is the best insurance for securing the longer term buy-in for a strategic brand build.

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