It is about the audience

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The music business is an interesting animal.   I have worked in some facet of the entertainment world since the beginning of my career.   The first major event I ever did featured Christopher Cross.  While running our independent record label, I felt I was in the Groundhog Day movie watching the same car wreck over and over, only to wake up and do it again no matter how loud I screamed, waved my hands or made suggestions.

The record business was a “push” business and I had spent my entire career re-engineering businesses into “pull” models to grow audience and serve customers.  As the Indie music scene continues to emerge, Rome burns on.  But some are starting to realize that maybe it really is about the audience after all.  If the ants ever figure it out, the grasshoppers are in big trouble.  Check out this article in USAToday – Music and Fans…

Comments on the article are interesting as well, like this one:

eldude1277 wrote: 13m ago “Shocking concept. Music is about the fans? Really? Anyone who isnt filling stadiums and is playing locally or mini tours can tell you that. Live music is the only real way to make any money. Why pay for what you can get free? Maybe if the value is on the live music it’ll force REAL musicians to do what they do live and not dress up in the studio. You gotta go there to come back.”