Conversion Strategies to Establish Relationship

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Any viable internet strategy needs to include conversion concepts. Sometimes that might be economic, as in sales.

But it can also be non-economic; for instance, you may want to get people to move or migrate to pages, to opt-in to your email list, or to take whatever action you desire them to take. This conversion is the kind that creates steps in building relationships with potential customers.

Imagine if a customer walked into your store and you grabbed something off the shelf, shoved it into their hands, and said “Hi – you want to buy? Let me ring that up.” You would be rebuffed!

You need to realize relationship development and conversions that will move people through your website. You need to recognize strategies that will move the relationship orientation to your business.

I have a client whose sole online conversion goal is to generate phone calls into their office from 8-5 Monday-Friday. They’ve refined a specific strategy to deal with this, and they’ve built a very successful sales model off the concept.

It doesn’t need to be bells, gadgets and gizmos! What might work with your strategic planning? Here are some unique ideas on generating conversions in an article posted at the Wall Street Journal, Three Best Ways to Convert Web Traffic Into Sales – Read more…