Do You Suffer From Techno-Ecstasy

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Too many companies stay out of the internet. Others rush in with “techno-ecstasy,” often times at the press of employees and without any objective or strategy.

“Hey, look at this gizmo I found, let’s do this!” Whatever the latest marketing trick or tool, it may be worthy of evaluation. But if it’s not serving your larger strategy, it may not be useful for you.

You may think the resource is “free,” but it isn’t free when you consider the investment of your resources to run it out and implement it. Plus, there is a risk you take with poor implementation from a customer perspective.

The other downside is that it may distract you and keep you from implementing core strategy that is vital to your business.

Before I use the latest marketing tool, I want to make sure it connects with my audience, communicates with my audience, and harmonizes with other strategies I have in place. If it doesn’t pass those 3 tests, I won’t use it, no matter how shiny the object is!

Paul Gunning, CEO of Tribal DDB Worldwide, writes at about the caution you should use in employing the latest gadget, gizmo, or tool. His article provides a very good understanding of the components you should evaluate it on, and the four corners of the strategy to put it together. Read more… Social Media Reality Check