Ready, Set, Start-up

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If planning is essential and story is imperative, what do you do with an idea and no beginning?

Entrepreneurs are those that are willing to plow ahead. They have an idea and they are able to drive through and make things happen. They still need a plan, but plans change. And a well crafted strategic plan lets you know when and how you can make changes in direction, without driving off the cliff!

Times like these are great opportunities for new ventures and start-ups. As major players strive to redefine, new opportunities develop. If you are sitting on an idea and looking for a way to make it happen then read “Blue Ocean Strategy,” one of my recommended reads.

Entrepreneur Jeff Stibel recently wrote at Harvard Business Publishing, “Great ideas are a dime a dozen. Action is what differentiates an entrepreneur from an inventor. If you want to focus on ideas, become an inventor — not an entrepreneur.” Read more… Are You an Inventor or an Entrepreneur?