About Elliott Cunningham

Elliott Cunningham is a Business and Marketing leader with the ability to identify and capitalize on unique opportunities to drive revenues and superior customer loyalty. He is able to successfully manage multiple, concurrently-running environments, evidenced by a track record of achievements including CMO of the Year from the Nashville Business Journal.

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U2’s Got Show

This band continues to define who they are and where they are going! In working with Indie Artists and with Live Music Producer Tom Jackson, I am constantly reminded about the power of the show and why we need to …
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Do You Suffer From Techno-Ecstasy

Too many companies stay out of the internet. Others rush in with “techno-ecstasy,” often times at the press of employees and without any objective or strategy. “Hey, look at this gizmo I found, let’s do this!” Whatever the latest marketing …
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Hope It Sticks

I was at my bank on Saturday. The teller invited me to go to a special online promotion at “theirwebsite.com/teller.” I noticed this “register to win” promotion was also printed on my deposit slip. So a couple days later I …
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There’s No Whining in Music

A friend of mine just Facebooked, “Thinking there has to be some way to unite indies rockers.” To which I replied, “If the ants ever get together, the grasshoppers are in trouble!” There’s a dirty 4-letter word that every musician …
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Blog on Facebook

You can now follow my Blog on Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.…
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Finding Audience & Create Uncontested Markets

I recently spoke at the Nashville City Club about Finding Audience & Creating Uncontested Markets. (Watch Video Below) Over the years, I have worked in advertising and marketing, leading turnarounds, start-ups, and companies in transition.   This presentation focuses on developing …